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Let's see if we can help you solve the crossword puzzle "Ostracize", we have 8 possible answers for this crossword clue, so hopefully we can assist you.

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  • The New York Times Crossword - Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019
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Crossword Answers

3 letters

A decree that prohibits something

4 letters

Avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of

6 letters

Ban from a place of residence, as for punishment

7 letters

Throw or cast away; "Put away your worries"

BOYCOTT David John son of Ferdinand
A group's refusal to have commercial dealings with some organization in protest against its policies

9 letters

A list of people who are out of favor

The act of excluding someone by a negative vote or veto

Avoid speaking to or dealing with; "Ever since I spoke up, my colleagues ostracize me"