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Pipelike Broadly accurate method An arabian sultanate Persuasion by moral pressure Person fleeing A flowering branch Worsen existing ill feeling Follow most direct route US national legislative body Loud deep sound To delight Small monastic room Use unprofitably Accuse specified persons Fall back again Peak of a cap Roman equivalent to aphrodite Recurrent round of events Recurrent round of events In a random way Magician supporting king arthur Triple-banked row gallery General feeling of unease Express strong approval End up fighting A random surmise Tree of genus fagus A leaf vegetable Receive by bequest Make forced landing on sea Main theme of the book, etc. A skin disease Edible starchy tuber Brief unrepeatable success Of government revenue An entanglement Person independent by choice Guardian of public rights Wind spirally Someone devoted to reading Edible bud Looks worried Open sea Lack of proper attention Person one dislikes greatly Polish-born composer Gain as a catch Maintain assertively Cease talking Paltry remuneration Small rudimentary house Overemotional scene Play made moral different Epic poem by john milton Forceful enterprising person May it never happen Constellation, the hunter Bit of favourable publicity Type of print Conceited or snobbish Following on from Well-intentioned but naïve person Burn and reduce to ash Genus of heath plant Hole made by rabbit Obtained unlawfully Accompany as a guard True state of things Newly enlisted sailor Short period of activity Waking device Relating to learning Person in inferior position Makes gassy Make gassy Person from a Mediterranean island Governing body of horse-racing Renfrewshire town Act of great cruelty Cool one's anger Abruptly disconcerting And as an additional point Someone who won't look you in the eye when you speak Mother put down Asian language Overcome uneasy formality Give renewed vigour Aquatic fish eating mammal Dissenter from established dogma Having enough skill Of basic importance To direct for information Done without warning Horse of small breed Something done very easily An empathetic refusal Of first-rate ability Port of northeast italy He's about to irritate with temporary stoppage Ostentatious show Feel puzzled