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Dramatic form of dancing Proceed towards A fine woolen material In imprecise terms Formal and important Unright Attach little importance to Connected with cooking Come after next A choral composition Racing side by side Busy swarming place Loud and shrill Unwelcome dependent Irritate intensely Extinct large reptile Person's strongest point Point of greatest intensity A hard durable wood Make it known Remaining uneaten Feel sorrow over Inclination to hopefulness Fus Upholders of traditional ways Inscrutable countenance Mob-dispensing vapour Monastic community Pompous verbiage Influential medieval weapon Musical based on Shaw play Vehicles on road City famed for jazz Piece of garden machinery US composer/Lyricist Promote interests of Chance to state one's case English, in combining form Tiny particles of sand Tiny particles of sand Bring sailing boat to a stop Power to do as one pleases Final stage of the contest Fidility Deposit for security Wound feelings of Personally unbecoming Gained a victory A stinging insect Widely sought after Become friends Watch over and protect Concede defeat in argument Annual reference book Russian guitar style instrument US middle west state Present a united front Part of outer ear Control the mind of Expend in length Unthinking hostility Breed of Siberian sled-dog Without saying anything Form a knot Trouble taken Lazily slipshod Indubilitably Mauvish-crimson To panic A condition Impressive power Projecting edges of roof Apply oneself vigourously As a bet, to win only German born US physicist Act with undue familiarities Best personal opportunity Having due self-respect Top level of society Intense liking 12th century Persian poet Russian novelist 1821-1881 Regional variety of language In the exact words Readily seen English novelist 1840-1928 Warm and conformable Involving hardship Ship's chief police officer With total dedication Legal authority Meet requirements of Meldious Incorrectly aligned A stew with paprika Protestant clergyman Visually striking Temporary cease-fire Wild African stripped horse Compel to give account