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Reasoned argument Fly extremely low Apply oneself earnestly Dashing confident air Broad brimmed mexican cap A clumsy antiquated survival Roost for birds Showed the way as pioneer Dashing spirit Intensely stressful Religious denunciation Text of play or film Address welcomingly Timber used for flooring Holding right course Unconvincingly appropriate Take great care Severe infectious disease To set in rivalry Take by assault Leave off doing something Depart to avoid arrest Passage of time Highly exciting Make a verbal attack Special value To totter Be involved so as to profit A gutted building Compassionately helpful person Diminish value of Quick understanding Have benefit of Betrayer of a cause Salad based on cabbage Planet second from the sun Refuse courteously To result Fond of good company Father and son french novelist Long serious letter Measures taken Scene of utter confusion Explain matter in detail Critical investigation Title of russian emperors Start to show interest With the purpose Distruct Overnight break in travel Fashionable craze Slow old boat Go and bring Resolute person Company in good order Sign of future success Risk provoking disaster As a secondary occupation Vehemently denunciation Chop some vegetables say Chop around large part of motor car Cabbage I chop roughly, about a kilo Chopping roughly Chops roughly with American wife's metal cutter Negotiate to chop some wood? Strive to overcome Maker of women's hat Of slight consistency Start working earnestly Walk self-importantly Intrude beyond limits Stranded and exposed Long arduous journey Form of war memorial Without any prepration With any prepration Reach a climax Receive as a legacy The jumping insect Bring in as profit A horse drawn cab Place with very clear view Fiddle ineffectually Nobel's explosive Something highly valued Row of people Explicit approval Projection on toothed wheel Ancient citadel in athens Burduned Having expressionless face A puzzling thing Prevailing influence Manage with means available Pulsating with vigour Manner of expressing Gardening handtool Abstracted musing Italian painter 1518-94 Subject of talks