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Extracted under pressure Full of animation Give arguments in favour Needless commotion Make suaitable Container for arrows Rejecting any persuasion Extremely severe The world oceans Source of perplexity Scatterbrainrd person Turbulent area in river Items forming a supplement A putsch Having a fair chance of being voted in Provides for musical about American casualty Easy carefree situation Capture by violent assault Operatic song for solo voice Operatic song in solo voice Emerge from concealment Calm and sensible Belief held to be true Literary critic Cesae fire Momentary look People lacking possessions Non-professional people Wait for good opportunity Set a fast gallop Red-brown metal Smart in apperance Notice of traffic offence Detach by cutting Embellishment of food An evasive compromise Repulsively fat Very short time, informally Very short time, informally Very short time, informally Very short time, informally Obstinately impetuous Make wealthier Deflate self-importance of Fraternal feeling Spaghetti,ravioli etc. Potential ability To utter thoughtlessly Old slow boat Yellowish gemstone Remain hidden and quite Dismiss scornfully Take over duty from Movable personal property Movable personal asset Expression of great urgency Area of six northeast us states Senstive To make believe Lack of necessary power Artificial textile fibre Incense-burning vessel Item-by-item report Sum charged for a service A mendicant Subside gradually Not in the prescribed order Submit to another's wish To place on trial Dull-sounding impact To transport Fail to grasp what matters Maine painting Wave of enthusiasm Object of adulation To shelve A class of words An impulse Cite as example Wild, like a kangaroo? Wild like a child raised by wolves Quiet and initially wild like a sorcerer? Hounds go wild, like some horses No longer wild like an animal Waste fancy saree for work clothes To put one over Fran Wild, like, is unbecoming It's able to grow wild like an animal Hide a wild animal in a house A girl with a wild sheep What a player sometimes does when receiving a wild card in some home games* 1914 novel about a wild man in a church recess? Ship with a hundred and fifty holding a wild party Activity for many college students looking to get a ride home after a wild night Made right mess in this wild fancy A marker kept by river in a wild and remote region Section of a pound for a wild cat A wild ox may give one a call Number 53 is a bit of a wild card A king seen by everyone in court as a wild beast Distinguishing moral nature