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Celebrated Scottish poet Frequenters of smart resorts A five-sided polygon Cap a performance Respond in a particular way Potential source of hostility Incite by encouragement Border between two countries Element, part Concreted courtyard Resembling partially melted snow Rapidly achieve great profit Reputation through achievement Angry reply Patch of oil on sea Be the master Auctioneer hammer Fabled island submerged by sea Aquire Of greater importance To rust Proclamation by authority Under intense strain Effective cooperation To advance A subtle distinction Dispute accuracy of Bombard with artillery Live in mutual tolerance Distance deterring familiarity Occurance In a vulnerable position High eagle's nest Sediments in liquid A fine cotton thread Wood for building etc. Drastic form of tie-breaker Modest and reserved Lie party across Reveal treacherously File of related documents Faint appearance A brother of Zeus Grasp true state of things Any method allowed Plant associated with opium Utterly worn out Trusted intimate friend A large tree Australian composer 1732-1809 Start or end for Alexa? Part of a tape cassette London transport, with “the” What cheating might get you, informally Middle-school-aged girl scout Clean one’s feathers Breath control practice in competitive freediving Paradoxical answer to “What is ‘Golf’ in the NATO alphabet?” Stuff in a party bag Those who usually click with celebrities? Test-clue2 Testing-clue Bell-shaped-body of a jellyfishA Enormously long time periods Bell-shaped body of a jellyfish Old-fashioned tender ballad Rachmaninoff pens the bellflower degree of similarity a link or connection short informal letter study of meanings brown tint in photographs something unimportant thoroughly proficient person To clear of blame Find for communal money Enclosure for livestock Volunteer choice The largest ocean Take the main impact Lacking finish Equal in number Garrulous nonsense January 1to december 31 Medicant ascetic holy man Dissenting minority One recently arrived To traverse Renewed interest Personal charm Method of painting on wall General acceptance A fortified sweet wine Start before the time Right through the range Perfectly executed Garrulous talker A kitchen strainer Official communication Total number of spectators